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Trail Talks, Videos, Photos, and Quotes:

      If you are someone who has been impacted by the trail, we would love to share a piece of your relationship to the trail. 

     Testimonials can be a video or just audio, a trail photo/selfie, or simply a quote. 

    To upload your trail talk, photo, or quote, please send it (or the "Cloud" link) to

"Exploring the Coates Bluff Trail is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature"

- Zhilar D., Magnet Student

"Captured the breathtaking vistas of the Shreveport wilderness"

- James William Sexton, Magnet Student

"One of the most amazing aspects of Shreveport can be discovered while taking a stroll on the Coates Bluff Trail"

- Ely

Did you know the Coates Bluff Trail has been in the Shreveport Times? Check out the links below to learn more!

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Friends of Coates Bluff Nature Trail

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